CNN Humiliated After Map Error, Whole New Level Of Incompetence

The reporting on the war in Israel is hitting a new height of incompetence.

As if the hospital debacle wasn’t bad enough, recently CNN took things to a whole new level of stupid.

They have a severe geography problem.

The network displayed a map of Israel while discussing aid, and the highlighted cities of Tel Aviv and Sredot were in the wrong place.

Before going any further, we posted a map of Israel below (using Google Maps) to show it’s not hard to get this right.

Screenshot of Google Map of Israel. Click to view more.


Welp, the wizards of smart over at CNN threw up this image during a segment.

Things didn’t go much better at MSNBC after IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus ran circles around Yasmin Vossoughain.

CONRICUS: And I just want to say one thing when it comes to data coming out of Gaza. Please keep in mind that everything that comes out of Gaza is not verified independently. It is information decimated by Hamas and that Hamas are the equivalent of ISIS when it comes to truthfulness (crosstalk).

Then Vossoughian got really mad when Conricus challegened Hamas narrative.

Partial transcript:

VOSSOUGHIAN: Sir, Colonel, are you disputing the number of people that have been killed in Gaza? The number of women and children. Are you disputing that, are you saying that’s not accurate?

CONRICUS: I am definitely questioning each and every piece of information that comes out of the Hamas-controlled so-called Ministry of Health. Each and every piece of information, and I’ll give you an example. The first report (crosstalk).

VOSSOUGHIAN: But many of these, Colonel, are being reported by independent journalists that are in the region as well.



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