Biden In Turmoil: Poll Over Israel Is Not Good News For Joe

Several polls have revealed how most Americans feel about the war beginning in Israel.

First off, an overwhelming majority of Americans support Israel. A Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll found that 84% of Americans side with Israel over Hamas. The report also found that 58% of those polled believed that college students participating in pro-Hamas rallies condone violence.

From The Hill:

Broken down by age, 52 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds said they sided more with Israel, while 48 percent said they sided more with Hamas. In contrast, 95 percent of respondents 65 years and older said they sided with Israel while 5 percent sided with Hamas.

The survey also found that roughly three-fourths of respondents — 76 percent — said Hamas’s killing of 1,200 Israeli civilians could not be justified by the grievances of Palestinians, while 24 percent said it could be justified. (Figures for the number of Israeli civilians killed during the war have risen from 1,200.)

“There is strong support for Israel across all parties and against Hamas. They think Israel should not cease hostilities until they have weakened Hamas,” said Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll.

One would imagine that the poll would be good news for Biden because of the support he is giving Israel.

The answer is no.

A CBS News/YouGov poll shows that the majority of Americans support Israel, but they are very wary of Biden.

The report found that 44% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the conflict. Fifty-four percent of respondents want Biden to criticize Hamas more and 50% “just don’t like his approach.”

Many Americans seem to be worried that Biden’s approach may lead to a “wider war” in the Middle East.”

Biden also has another problem.

From CBS News:

While most Democrats feel Mr. Biden is showing the right amount of support for Israel, nearly 3 in 10 Democrats think he’s shown too much support, and they, in turn, would like him to do more to encourage a diplomatic solution.

Oh, and Biden’s approval rating hasn’t moved. According to CBS News, “his approach to the conflict moved his overall approval rating. It remains at 40%, where it was last month.”

It’s no wonder:

Even NBC News has noticed that Biden has not received a bump.

You can read the entire poll below.

cbsnews_20231019_1 by CBS News Politics


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