Outrage Rage Follows Dem Candidates Wish For Trump Supporters

For those wondering, he hasn’t deleted the post yet.

New York Congressional candidate Nate McMurray posted, ‘Die MAGA die. You Lose,” on X (formerly Twitter) in celebration after the House passed the Ukraine aid bill.

After Democrats waved Ukraine flags in celebration on the House floor McMurray took steps a step further and even taunted those who criticized him online.

Below are some of his responses to those who commented on his post.

Murray posted his rants after th eHouse approved a $95 billion foreign aid packaged mainly for Ukraine and Israel.

“We did our work here, and I think history will judge it well,” said Speaker Mike Johnson who now has support of Democrats in case Republicans attempt to oust him.

“I urge the Senate to quickly send this package to my desk so that I can sign it into law and we can quickly send weapons and equipment to Ukraine to meet their urgent battlefield needs,” the president said.

Republican Senator Mike Lee is calling for conservatives in the Senate to kill the bill.

The House also passed a bill that would ban TikTok.

Meanwhile there is no word on when a bill having to do with the border will be debated.


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