Biden Mocked Over Video Of Him Returning To DC After Weekend Of Chaos

Biden is in the middle of international tension between Israel and Iran, and his policies are under the microscope.

Recently, the situation in the Middle East has intensified significantly. Iran carried out a missile attack over the weekend, which has set the stage for potential retaliation from Israel. This comes amid criticisms of President Biden, who many believe has let tensions in the region escalate. Critics, including Fawaz Gerges, a professor of international relations at the London School of Economics, have voiced concerns. Gerges told NBC News that President Biden is “sleepwalking the US into another catastrophic war in the Middle East,” pointing out that the Biden administration’s strategies have not prevented the conflict in Gaza from potentially spreading to neighboring countries.

In response to Iran’s actions, the Israeli military, led by spokesperson Peter Lerner, is weighing their options. Lerner highlighted the importance of not underestimating Iran’s attack despite their successful interception, saying Israel is considering a wide range of scenarios. With Israel’s war cabinet meeting to decide on their next steps, there’s a real possibility of further military action.

President Biden also made it clear to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the U.S. will not participate in any counteroffensive against Iran. This stance highlights a complex web of diplomatic relations and military strategies involving multiple countries.

Meanwhile, Europe is also actively involved, with leaders from the UK, France, and Germany calling for restraint. Josep Borrell from the EU expressed the urgency of the situation by stating, “We’re on the edge of the cliff and we have to move away from it.” Similarly, the UK’s Foreign Secretary David Cameron and French President Emmanuel Macron urged Israel to consider isolating rather than escalating against Iran.

What’s also tragic in these events is the toll it’s taking on innocent lives. Among the most heart-wrenching stories is that of a 7-year-old girl from a Bedouin community in Israel, seriously injured by shrapnel during the Iranian attack. She’s currently in a life-threatening condition at Soroka Medical Center. This personal story brings a human face to the conflict, reminding us of the real consequences of these geopolitical tensions.

Speaking of sleep walking below was a video of Joe Biden returning to Washington and it sums up a tired, old, clueless president.


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