Watch: Jake Tapper Loses It When GOP Governor Challenges Him

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) is known as a bit of a RINO, but he got CNN’s Jake Tapper all riled up.

Tapper was trying to get Sununu to attack former President Trump; instead, he had Tapper flustered.

Tapper said, “Trump started the week saying that abortion should be left to the states, then he criticized Arizona and Florida for their positions which are abortion bans, essentially in Arizona and a six-week ban and Florida. Do you understand what Donald Trump’s position is on this issue and how and how fearful are you about this issue hurting Republicans?”

“I’ll say this I think it actually could be a bigger problem for Democrats. I really do. I actually agree with the former president’s position, it is now a state’s issue,” Sununu countered.

He added, “Trump is saying is I’m not even going to talk about a national ban and national questions. ‘Hey, Joe Biden is nine months, okay? Is the day up until till birth okay to have an abortion?’ Now Biden has to answer that.”

That really hits the nail on the head.

Tapper followed up by asking, “What is this nine-month abortion thing? I’ve never heard of anyone getting an abortion like one day before their due. Republicans talk about this all the time.”

Sununu said, “That is the question that will be asked.”

Tapper started to realize this could really be a problem for Democrats.

Tapper said, “But I’ve never heard of it happening.”

Sununu said, “Right but I’m just saying in let’s say they got they were actually to get on a debate stage. Trump will say, ‘Look, I’m leaving it to the states. Hey, Joe Biden, how many? Two weeks as good enough for you?’ And now Biden whatever that number is, he’s going to have to figure out an answer for that, where Trump is saying, I’m deferring it back to the states.”

What Sununu is getting to is that moderates can wrap their heads around Trump’s position.

Even if one disagrees with a 6 week abortion ban, that’s state issue for local government to work out. Unlike Biden who is trying to increase federal power.



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