Promotion Causes Massive Infighting, Turns WH Into Junior High School Drama

There have been reports from multiple publications that there is tension between John Kriby and Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre.

The first report came in January 2024 when Axios reported that National Security Council John Kirby, who was splitting podium time during media briefings, was a Biden favorite.

Axios claimed that Biden often wants Kirby to brief him personally and has even traveled on Air Force One with the President.

Jean-Pierre still runs the press briefings and selects who Kirby can take questions from rather than allowing him to choose himself which apparently annoys Kirby.

In February 2024, Kirby was promoted to assistant to the president under the new title of White House national security communications adviser.

Which means he has the President’s ear.

“Admiral Kirby’s decades of high level national security experience and his clear, strategic insights make him a deeply valued communicator and adviser on this team,” said Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to the president, in a statement. “President Biden is proud to have John leading national security message coordination across the administration as we continue to make a forceful case for our national security interests at home and in the world.”

Kirby has been in Washington for a long time and has a lot of experience when dealing with the press, and it has shown.

KJP has struggled during briefings when things get intense, for example as the special counsel report went viral she was stuttering.


The relationship between the two is getting more strained according to a New York Times report:

Mr. Kirby had privately acknowledged, when asked, that he would one day like to be named press secretary, and he has expressed frustration that Ms. Jean-Pierre picked the reporters who ask him questions at briefings.”

The petty behavior inside the White House shows the lack of leadership from Biden. Stuff like this should never make it out.


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