Road Blocking Protestor Dealt Instant Karma, Has to Be Rescued, Screams In Pain – WATCH

As many of you know, on April 15, 2024, there were several Pro-Palestian protests that took place across the country. Over 250 individuals were arrested or detained as protestors blocked roadways.

The protests caused significant disruptions, particularly during the busy morning and evening rush hours. Major arteries leading to some of the country’s largest airports were blocked, notably impacting travelers trying to reach their flights. Cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, and New York saw major roads and even iconic bridges temporarily closed due to these demonstrations.

In San Francisco, the famous Golden Gate Bridge was a major focal point. Early in the morning, protesters took to the bridge, causing substantial delays. Some went as far as to chain themselves to vehicles, with banners that pleaded for global attention to the situation in Gaza, one notably reading, “Stop the world for Gaza.” The protest on the bridge lasted several hours before normal traffic could resume.

The disruption spread beyond just the Golden Gate. Protesters also attached themselves to heavy drums filled with concrete on other key roads, making the task of clearing the blockades even more challenging. California Highway Patrol Chief Don Goodbrand described the events as highly organized, noting that these disruptions hindered emergency services from reaching their destinations promptly.

However, one protestor needed to be cut from one of the barrels full of concrete and was “screaming” in pain.

Shifting our focus to the north, Oregon also saw significant action. Near Eugene, a protest on Interstate 5 resulted in 52 arrests after it drew a large police response. Over in Seattle, another group blocked the expressway leading to Sea-Tac airport, with dozens arrested there as well. Some travelers were even forced to abandon their rides and walk along the road with their luggage to catch their flights.

Speaking of Sea-Tac, the situation there was notably chaotic. The airport had actually prepared for such a scenario through simulations, according to airport spokesperson Perry Cooper. Police and tow trucks were quickly deployed, and within an hour, the roadblocks began to clear.


Meanwhile, Biden can’t even get the name of cities in the region right.



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