Fed Up Students Walkout After Crazy Woke Rule, District Says It’s Misinformation – WATCH

Things got really interesting in at a Utah high school after administrators imposed a new rule.

Before we go any further, we need to define what a “furry/furries” are.

A “Furries” refers to a person who has an interest in anthropomorphic animals, or animals who have human qualities, such as the ability to speak, walk on two legs, or express human emotions. This interest can manifest in various ways including the creation or appreciation of artwork, writing, and role-playing. One of the most visible aspects of furry culture is the creation and wearing of “fursuits,” which are custom-made animal costumes.

People who take place in this activity often go to events and conventions, which is all fine as long as it’s legal behavior. However, what about school?

A large group of students held an hours-long walkout at Utah’s Mt. Nebo Middle School over a rule regarding students who self-identify as a “furry.”

An online petition was started on April 14, 2024 with a goal of 500 signatures which was reached on April 17 prompting the goal to be raised to 1,000 signatures. The petition is demanding that school administrator strictly enforce the district dress code for students.

The students taking part in the protest have said that furries have been biting, scratching, spraying air freshener on, barking at and chasing other students.

“Furry is a fandom,” a furry named Strudel told ABC4.com. “We don’t think that we’re animals.”

“I really like the idea of animals that walk and talk, so I’m going to dress up as one, as kind of a fun sort of cosplay thing,” Strudel said.

Of course the school administrator is blaming the parents for misunderstanding the situation. Officials say that what some parents belive is happening is not true.

From ABC 4:

“A lot of the information that’s been put out there is completely incorrect and inaccurate,” Nebo School District Public Information Officer Seth Sorensen told ABC4.com.

While Sorensen said there have been issues with harassment or students making others feel uncomfortable or unsafe, he said most of the claims online are false.

“The administration at the school addressed that with the entire student body and they sent out a couple of emails,” Sorensen said. “Some of those emails were misinterpreted, and parents took to online formats to voice some of their concerns and questions.”
Sorensen said students are not dressing up as cats and dogs, and because there is a dress code in place, he doesn’t think videos that have been shared online are from Nebo schools. Sorensen emphasized that the main goals of the district are open communication and student safety.

“Today, we had some students and parents choose to exercise their right to assemble, and do a little protest for what they perceived was something that was happening in the school,” Sorensen said. “It actually is not something that’s been occurring.”

He said the reports of students dressing as animals are “a little bit inaccurate,” saying students wearing headbands with ears are similar to students wearing bows and sports jerseys. Sorensen said dressing up is “just what students of this age do.”

“Interestingly enough, they really didn’t address us with anything they wanted changed,” Sorensen said of the protesters.

By the way Strudel said that he believes that it’s fun to be a furry but both should be kept separate.

“School is for learning,” Strudel said. “It’s a place of education, first and foremost.”

“Sometimes they[kids] stumble upon these communities, and they’re not old enough to really understand what that is, or how to behave with it,” Strudel said.


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