Uh-Oh: Another ‘Squad’ Member Is In Trouble

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) just got some really bad news.

She’s being primaried.

A seasoned Wall Street investor from Harvard University is jumping into the 14th Congressional District Democrat primary against AOC.

“I am excited to formally announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for New York’s 14th Congressional District,” Dolan wrote on his campaign website. “The June 25th, 2024 primary will be a referendum: are we better or worse off from following Radical policies?”

Could you imagine if a Wall Street banker beats AOC!? Oh, the irony!

Dolan is positioning himself as a moderate concerned about the exodus of taxpayers leaving the city and targeting what he calls “radical” policies that are hurting New York City.

“The impact in NYC is obvious: bail reform a disaster, the National Guard in the subway, toothpaste locked up in drugstores but criminals running free, scarce resources directed to (non-sanctuary) immigrants coming from all over the world,” Dolan explained.

“These difficulties must be addressed in the context of a runaway $34 trillion federal debt and NYC’s 14% marginal tax rate. Regional tax inequality is far more exaggerated in the USA than in any other country. Losing 500,000 taxpayers is unsustainable: fixing this must be our overwhelming priority.”

Dolan even went as far as to call AOC for only being a mouth piece.

“The Radicals can’t deliver more than breadcrumbs when they ignore that the primary breadwinners are leaving and brush off taxpayer concerns in favor of abstract populist ideologies,” he said. “Enough is enough. New Yorkers have seen it all, including scams like the Radicals offer. But we know better that New Yorkers want NYC to be the best city in the best country in the world.”

She is not the only member of the “Squad” to be facing a challenger in a primary.

Rep. Cori Bush – who’s also under investigation – is all facing a primary challenger.

Bush appears to be in trouble after it was reported her fundraising is lagging behind prosecutor Wesley Bell.



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