So Is This Why Leftists Want To Put Immigrants In Their Homes? What The Heck! – VIDEO

It’s unclear if this was what the woman in this video was trying to portray but nevertheless, it looks really bad.

The city of Boston and several communities have adopted sanctuary city laws, and the state has adopted right-to-shelter laws.

As a result, immigrants have been sent and flocked to the state to take advantage of these laws, leading to the governor declaring a state of emergency.

The state’s shelters were busting at the seams and Governor Maura Healey requested that people open their homes to help the illegal immigrants flooding the state.
“Most importantly, if you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family. Housing and shelter is our most pressing need and become a sponsor family,” said Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll.

Boston 10, an NBC affiliate, interviewed a family staying with Lisa Hillenbrand, who has opened her apartment to a Haitian family.

“It’s a delight, and it’s really fun having them. What I realized is there’s so much prejudice against refugees mostly because people don’t know them,” said Hillenbrand.

Hillenbrand added, “‘It’s like having your own personal chef!”

Folks the optics of what she said is just horrible. It’s like the left is creating an under class to serve them.

Just watch the clip below:

Meanwhile, the border crisis is wreaking havoc and the Biden Administration is doing nothing to curb it.

The White House is so mad the Senate border bill didn’t pass that they announced US Immigration and Customs will reduce their operations until a bill is passed.

“Because congressional Republicans are choosing partisan politics over our national security and refusing to pass the bipartisan national security agreement that includes significant border reforms and funding, over the coming weeks, ICE will be forced to reduce operations because of budget shortfalls,” Jean-Pierre said during a gaggle on Air Force One.

“We have asked Congress for additional funding and resources, and every time Congress has provided less than we asked for, or most recently, completely ignored our supplemental request,” she said.

Everyone, even hardcore liberals know that Biden could shut the border down right now. The polls clearly show that Biden isn’t fooling anyone when it comes to the border.


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