LEAK: WH Petrified Over ‘Politically Damaging’ Report

Clearly, the leak is to get out in front of a report that is about to be released.

Axios reports that the White House is very nervous about the classified document investigation involving President Biden.

Special counsel Robert Hur has led an ongoing investigation into how Biden handled classified documents. While Biden’s team doesn’t anticipate criminal charges, they’re bracing for Hur’s report to reveal potentially embarrassing details. This could include photos illustrating the manner in which Biden stored these classified documents—some of which date back to the Obama era and were found in Biden’s garage at his Delaware home, as well as in a private office he used.

Aides expect the specifics of Hur’s report to fuel political backlash, especially since these documents were discovered in less-than-secure locations. There also worries about people drawing parallels between Biden and the felony charges against former President Trump for retaining classified documents after his presidency.

Aides told Axios that they “expect the report’s details to be politically damaging.”

If they are saying this now it must be bad.

Robert Hur, a figure nominated by Trump himself in 2017, is at the center of this investigation. His background as a former U.S. attorney and clerk for conservative Chief Justice William Rehnquist adds layers of complexity to the probe. Hur is mandated to write a comprehensive report on his findings, a document that the Justice Department, under Merrick Garland, has pledged to make as public as possible.

This isn’t just about legalities; it’s a political minefield. Even without criminal charges, the detailed contents of Hur’s report could be a thorn in Biden’s side, politically speaking. Biden has defended his actions, notably stating that the classified documents were stored in a locked garage, alongside his Corvette, hinting at a perceived security measure. However, any visual evidence of these storage practices could ignite a political firestorm, reminiscent of the uproar following the disclosure of Trump’s document storage at Mar-a-Lago.

Remember the documents Biden had were during his time as Vice President, whereas Trump was a sitting President.

Also, the tension around the report adds to the rumored ongoing tensions between Biden’s team and Garland, tensions that have been exacerbated by various probes, including another concerning Hunter Biden, the president’s son. Criticism has come from within, with Anthony Coley, a former senior adviser to Garland, suggesting that the Biden team’s lack of transparency has made the situation worse, drawing unwanted comparisons to past political controversies.

Could this be when Newsom jumps in?


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