Biden Campaign Blindsided, Their Latest Plan Totally Backfires On Them

The Biden campaign may not have their latest move through all the way.

This week, President Joe Biden took a leap into the world of TikTok, launching his official account @bidenhq. It’s a strategic move aimed at connecting with the younger demographic, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Since its inception, the account has posted nine videos, and the comment sections are buzzing—not with the usual TikTok banter, but with pressing political discourse.

A significant portion of these comments centers around the ongoing conflict in Gaza, reflecting a digital continuation of the protests that have been shadowing President Biden’s campaign events. From the streets to the screens, the message is clear: there’s a growing dissatisfaction among young Americans, particularly regarding Biden’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Joe was hoping that he was going to be hip and cool. Instead, he’s being trolled.

At a reproductive rights rally in Virginia and later in Michigan, Biden was met with vocal protestors, some dubbing him “Genocide Joe,” demanding a cease-fire in Gaza. The protests didn’t stop at public appearances; they’ve even reached the doorstep of Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

While these protesters and commenters may not represent the entirety of the American electorate, they signify a potent undercurrent of discontent, especially among the younger voters. An NBC News poll highlighted this, showing only 15% of 18-34-year-olds approve of Biden’s handling of the situation in Gaza. This disapproval is even more pronounced among TikTok’s youth-centric audience, shedding light on why the Biden campaign is keen to engage here.

One commenter, Jeannie Niusulu, a Colorado mother and social activist, exemplifies this digital protest. By questioning Biden directly on TikTok, she hopes to make her voice heard, expressing a sentiment that many young Americans share. Niusulu, who supported Biden in the past, now questions her vote for 2024, citing his policies on Israel and Gaza as the reason.

Her comments on TikTok reflect a broader concern that Democratic votes can’t be taken for granted, urging the Biden administration to reconsider its stance on foreign policy. However, Niusulu also suggests that Biden could regain her support by taking decisive actions against the Israeli government’s current policies.

On the flip side, Rania Ayyoub, a Palestinian American, feels it’s too late for Biden to win back her vote, pointing to a breach of trust that she sees as irreparable. Her activism in the 2020 elections, especially in key battleground states like Arizona, underscores the role that these young, politically active individuals play in shaping the political landscape.

In other words, Biden’s base is furious with him.

Biden’s campaign has waded into a firestorm of their own making and we aren’t even talking about how his own administration said the social media company is a threat.




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