The Audio File That Could Bring Down Biden

The Hur hearing on Capitol Hill was soap opera-style drama, as lawmakers on both sides grilled special counsel Robert Hur over his report about the Biden classified documents probe.

Democrats were especially furious that Hur – who chose not to prosecute Biden – gave an evaluation about his memory.

Testimony from Hur was also another big blow when he added that “we did not exonerate Biden.

Before the hearing the transcript of the interview Hur had with President Joe Biden was released and it showed a deteriorating Biden.

He forgot when his son died and need help from aids remember names and dates.

But there was something else that Hur mentioned that caught my ear.

“Chairman, what I can tell you is that my assessment that went into my conclusions that I described, my report was based not solely on the transcript, it was based on all of the evidence, including the audio recordings,” Hur said.

There are audio recordings of the interview.

The transcript itself was terrible, and Adam Schiff scolded Hur over his comments but imagine if the audio is released.

Now imagine the audio of the exchange below being released to the public:

Hur also testified that the White House requested he alter his report:

“So is it correct that February 5th letter that was sent to you asking you to change references to the president’s poor memory — wasn’t there a request by the White House to do that?” Tiffany asked.

“There was a request, yes,” Hur replied.

Folks, that audio comes out and it will be devastating. It is expected for the House GOP to push for the release of the audio.


As of 4/11/2024, the DOJ has refused to release the audio.

The DOJ told the two House committees that requested the audio that they did not identify the “investigative purpose” for their request of the audio and claimed they were seeking conflict for “conflict’s sake.”


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