Biden Loses Control, Then White House Makes Everything Worse

President Joe Biden has found himself at the center of controversy following his comments about Laken Riley’s alleged murderer, referring to the suspect as an “illegal.” Which infuriated his base; however, his further comments created a firestorm.

in typical Biden fashion for some reason he thought he could have it both ways. With independents he thought saying Laken Riley’s name would mean something. On the left he was hoping correcting his rhetoric would also appease them. Neither happened and in Biden fashion once again look like a dummy.

During Biden’s recent State of the Union address, he mispronounced Riley’s name and called the alleged suspect an “illegal” migrant. This incident provoked immediate backlash, especially from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, compelling Biden to retract his words and opt for “undocumented” instead.

Pelosi was first to voice her discontent over Biden’s usage of the word.

So while Biden was on MSNBC he corrected himself to apease the left.

“I shouldn’t have used illegal, it’s undocumented,” he told Jonathan Capehart. When Capehart asked, “So, you regret using that word?” Biden responded, “Yes.”

The optics of what Biden said was so bad the White House tried to claim it never happened.

“I want to be really clear about something: the president absolutely did not apologize. There was no apology anywhere in that conversation,” Dalton said. “He did not apologize. He used a different word.”

That statement made everything worse, the gaslighting is so obvious to both sides it’s ridiculous.

Which is Biden’s biggest problem now, he’s losing everyone.


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