You Know Biden’s Delusional After What He Said In Florida

We’ve had a lot of fun messing with Biden since he took office.

It’s been typical political fun, but after what Biden said in Florida, you know Biden is delusional.

Both Senators from Florida are Republican, Trump won Florida in 2020, and a Democrat hasn’t won a major election in the state for a long time. As a matter of fact, since DeSantis has been governor, the state has flipped from purple to deep red.

Oh and not to mention that Florida is now the home state of former President Donald Trump.

During a campaign reception in Jupiter, Florida Biden said, “We have to keep the White House. We have to keep the Senate. We have to win back the House and win up and down the ticket in local offices. Because here in Florida, you’ve had a real dose of “Trump-ism,” and — Unusual guy.”

You might want to sit down for the next part…

“But here in Florida, we have to organize, mobilize the vote,” Biden said. “I think we can win Florida. I think the Democrats can win in Florida.”

If the reports are true, Biden (IF they are true, you just don’t know these days), Biden is struggling in Michigan, and the dude thinks he can win in Florida?

The entire community in Dearborn, Michigan, is refusing to meet with Biden, and he thinks they can win in Florida.

Joe has been a little unhinged lately…

Maybe he’s so delusional he forgot he has the power to shutdown the border.


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