Jill Biden’s Latest Claim About Joe Isn’t Adding Up

President Joe Bidens age has been a subject of close scrutiny as of late following two of his latest stumbles one at the Air Force Academy and one in Hiroshima during a visit to Japan earlier this month.

But the First Lady, Jill Biden, is defending her husband, reassuring donors during the campaign fundraising efforts thatnothing can slow down the Presidents reelection bid. According to a recent NBC News poll, however, a majority of voters remain concerned about Joe Biden‘s physical and mental health when it comes to taking on a second term. Sixtyeight percent of respondents admitted to beingconcerned about Bidens longevity and wellbeing, while 32 percent said they have minor or no concerns.

Joe Biden, 80, is the oldest president in American history if reelected he would be 86 at the completion of his second term. The White House has dismissed any concerns about his age, asserting that he has the experience and record of accomplishments to serve for a second term. Presidential doctor, Kevin OConnor, has also admitted that Bidens gait isstiff, but declared him healthy enough for the job.

The recent poll also showed that 44 percent of voters are not concerned about former President Donald Trumps mental and physical health. Trump, 77, celebrated his birthday last week.

As Biden campaigns for a second term, the question of his age and health will likely remain an important issue. Biden has had a few trips up and falls during public events, so the scrutiny and concern surrounding Biden is likely to continue.

Acknowledging this, the White House has said that Biden is very aware of his age, but that it doesn‘t limit his ability to serve as CommanderinChief. In addition, Biden has said that even though he will soon turn 81, he hasthe most vigorous campaign of any president in modern history.

Biden has made many public appearances, including a trip to Europe for the G7 summit and all of the virtual public events that President Biden has done during the pandemic. Now that he is on the campaign trail, he will be on full public display more and will be under more watchful eyes every step of the way.

Biden may no longer be a young man, but his supporters hope that his age won‘t hamper his ability to perform the essential duties of the office. As Jill Biden said, nothing can slow him down, and now it’s time to finish the job.


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