Psaki Gives Interview For Book Launch

Recently, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, now MSNBC host, sat down on stage with Kara Swisher.

During the interview Psaki made a claim that former President Trump named the Space Force after a Steve Carrell movie.

Trying to be intellectual, high-minded, she said, “Could you have done something different?”

PSAKI: The name, there, like, hurt by the branding, the name. So let me just say that. That was what was going on in my head.

SWISHER: What would you call them?

PSAKI: I don’t know, but Space Force is literally the name of a Steve Carrel movie. Could we have done something different?

There’s just one problem with that…The Steve Carrell show came out well after Trump established the Space Force.

Then she started ranting like Hillary Clinton.

It’s like she forgot that this picture still exists.

Later in the interview Swisher asked because if she considers herself a journalist after leaving her role in the White House.

SWISHER: You switched to journalist essentially. Do you think you’re a journalist?


(Audience busts out laughing)