Cocky 60 Mins Host Gets Buried By Conservative Momma Bears – WATCH

There has been a huge push in the media to discredit a grassroots organization that has liberals on the run.

Moms For Liberty came on the scene in late 2020-2021 and has quickly worked to flip school boards red and pull back the curtain on what was going on inside public schools.

The CBS show “60 Minutes” recently had the two founders on their show to take them down.

It went so bad for the show that 60 Minutes edited out a key part of the interview.

The bias came right out of the gate.

On their social media page 60 Minutes posted two videos claiming the woman never answered their questions:

But the wizards of smart at 60 Minutes forgot that the transcript says otherwise:

Below is the actual transcript of what took place and was edited out:

Scott Pelley: I’ll ask this as simply as I can. What ideologies do you find troubling?

Tina Descovich: I was just saying that your question was about fear. And if this is a fear based movement? I feel like that’s a misnomer.

This is a fact based movement. Parents are joining us in droves because they open the backpacks, they see the lessons, the light bulb goes off and they say ‘what in the world is happening?’

I thought my child was being taught to read. I thought my child was learning this or that. And then they have a lesson in, in kindergarten or first grade that tells them they can choose their gender. They can be a boy or a girl.

And when did that happen? I wasn’t taught that in school, guessing you weren’t taught that in school. So at what year did that change?

And what year was that interjected? And so parents are now awake and so they take time out of their busy lives, raising their kids, going to work, attending soccer games, doing all the things parents do. They don’t wanna be at school board meetings, they don’t wanna be filing public records requests, but they’re very concerned.

You can call it ideology, you can call it whatever you wanna call it. But what got interjected and when, why, why would someone want to teach my five year old that he could be a boy or a girl, neither or both and they can change.

That’s not something I believe is true.

Let’s stick to the facts. Let’s stick to what everyone agrees is the facts.

60 Minutes never aired the answer.


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