Explaining The ‘Miss Alabama’ Controversy

The controversy surrounding who has the title of “Miss Alamaba” is another fine hoax created by the media to attack people who refuse to back woke policies.

It all revolves around Sara Milliken, who recently won the title of Miss National American Alabama 2024. But hold on to your sashes, because there’s a bit of confusion and backlash surrounding her victory, and it’s shaking up the pageant community.

Sara Milliken, a plus-sized beauty pageant contestant, celebrated her win over Memorial Day weekend. The media was quick to jump on the storyline that Milliken was crowned Miss Alabama.

Note the screenshot below, taken on June 11, 2024, showing that if you search “Miss Alabama,” Milliken comes up.

Milliken was ecstatic that she won the contest. However, there was a lot of confusion from former “Miss Alabama” winners who noted that this was not the actual title.

The root of the confusion lies in how several media outlets referred to Milliken as “Miss Alabama.”

In other words, media disinformation.

This has raised eyebrows because Milliken did not compete in the official Miss America competition. Amie Beth Shaver, a former Miss Alabama, voiced her confusion, stating she doesn’t even recognize the contest Milliken won. According to Shaver, there are only two recognized Miss Alabama titles: one leading to the Miss America competition and the other to the Miss USA pageant.

Shaver elaborated, saying, “Miss America now is 101 years old, and then Miss USA, which goes on to the Miss Universe pageant. But this National American Miss, no one has heard of it. I don’t even know what it is.” Shaver further emphasized that Miss America owns the rights to the “Miss Alabama” title, making it incorrect to use that title for a different pageant.

Below is Diane Westhoven the winner of Miss Alabama USA in 2024, and as of now, no one has been crowned Miss America Alabama 2024.

Diane Westhoven the winner of Miss Alabama USA in 2024

Milliken’s excitement over winning the National American Miss pageant was quickly dampened by the harsh online backlash. She spoke out about the impact of negative comments, telling WKRG, “Even something that you type over a screen can have a lasting impression on people.”

The crux of the issue is a mix-up (or intentional disinformation from the media) between different pageants. Miss USA, a well-known pageant, selects state representatives, and the national winner competes in Miss Universe. This pageant still features swimsuit and sportswear contests and is the traditional pageant often seen on TV. On the other hand, Miss America, a separate pageant, does not include a swimsuit category. Instead, it focuses on private interviews, evening gown presentations, onstage questions, talent shows, and physical fitness presentations. Notably, Miss America does not send contestants to Miss Universe.

Milliken, however, did not participate in either of these well-known pageants. She was crowned in the National American Miss (NAM) contest, which includes categories like talent, spokesmodel, fun fitness model, runway modeling, and top model, though these are optional. The required categories for winning NAM are formal wear, personal introduction, interviews, and community service.

To put it in perspective, Milliken winning the NAM title and being referred to as Miss Alabama is like a AAA Minor League Baseball team claiming they won the World Series. It’s a great achievement, but it’s not the same level of recognition as winning Miss America or Miss USA.

Sara Milliken deserves applause for her victory and we aren’t going to troll her for winning a pageant. This controversy is a creation of the media to troll those who won’t join the woke agenda, Milliken is a pawn. We aare going to mock the media for this ridiculous made up controversy and have sympathy for Westhoven.

Diane Westhoven just reached a milestone achievement in her life and thanks to the scummy media she’s not even getting recognition for it.

If you search “Diane Westhoven Miss Alabama,” this is what appears:

Screenshot taken on 6/11/24